Mimori Suzuko - Mimorin’s Summer Vacation #1

Translation: papercoleena

Pile 「Your is All….」 2007.10.24 DEBUT

Translation: papercoleena

In Japan, today is Marine Day, read as Umi no Hi (海の日), and is celebrated on the 3rd Monday of July.

It also happens to fall on 07/12 this year. These numbers can be read as o-na-ni-i in Japan, meaning masturbation.

Which means that while this day has led to a lot of Umi fanart, it’s also led to even more…unsafe fanart.

Love Live! Graphs of the Number of Pixiv Illustrations of μ’s Characters and Ships


Number of Shipping Illustrations Monthly


Total Number of Shipping Illustrations


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IA - Earphones and a Chorus of Cicadas

Movie & Music: Orangestar (mylist/37081160) (@MikanseiP)
Illustration: M.B
Translation: papercoleena

Here’s the final results of the poll from yesterday. This is what I’ll do:

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4to6 (Pile & Iida Riho) - My Clock Spins Backwards! (MV Short Ver.)

Translation and romaji below. The full releases on 8/20, so I’ll translate the rest and update anything that needs fixing then.

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Shocking Party (Slightly Longer Than TV Ver.)


LisAni! TV - Initiation☆Dojolno #1 (Nanjo Yoshino)

Translation: papercoleena

Tell Me!! Umi-chan♥ (English Translation)

This time, we’ll ask our guest Umi-chan about her most private information

教えて!!海未ちゃん♥ from the Love Live! ~Kokuritsu Otonokizaka Gakuin Annai~ booklet.

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"Though you blow a kiss in each PV, do you ever practice? -Uchida Aya" 

Umi: “―. I do. Or, rather―I’m forced to. By Eri. S-Sorry… I’m the kind of person who’d definitely be unable to do something like that for real…”

それは僕たちの奇跡 (Band Edition)
Last Note

livetune ft. Mimori Suzuko - High and Loud

Character Design & Illustrations: Akaringo (赤りんご)
Director + CG: MasatakaP (まさたかP)
Music: kz (livetune)
Vocals + Narration: Mimori Suzuko (三森すずこ)
Translation: papercoleena

Kisaragi Chihaya (cv. Imai Asami) - THE IDOLM@STER ANIM@TION MASTER 02