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zips uploaded Uragaeshi Heart’s pv


Taketori Overnight Sensation (English Cover)【Kuraiinu + JubyPhonic】竹取オーバーナイトセンセーション 

I can’t get over Len’s “just according to keikaku” face

it’s so amazing

Kagamine Rin & Len - Bamboo Cutter’s Overnight Sensation

Music, Lyrics: Gom (HoneyWorks)
Guitar: Kaizoku Ou (海賊王)
Illustration & Movie: Mogelatte (モゲラッタ) mylist/22088435 
Translation: papercoleena

7th Dragon Patch Update


This is release v1.00 of the 7th Dragon patch. Very minor fixes, but I wanted to officially move it out of beta since there don’t seem to be any major issues. No real need to update if you’re playing it.

However, I’ve also bumped the USA encounter rate up to 50% since many people found 25% too low. You can always judiciously use the “Lover’s Band” cheat item detailed in the readme if 50% is too high for you.

Patch notes:

     - The USA patch encounter rate has been bumped up to 50% of normal.
     - Map labels no longer misaligned but still kinda ugly.
     - A few botched translations fixed (notably some Empress of Grief quest items).


Akiakane & Lon; CV: Kobayashi Yuu - Scorching

Song 4 of SQUARE (mylist/39164712), a 7-song 7-illustration album by Akiakane and various producers.

■Music & Lyrics: Umetora (梅とら) (mylist/28524172)
■Illustration: Akiakane (秋赤音)
■Translation: papercoleena

oh my god the subtitles for that video are so gorgeous, you did an amazing job — Anonymous

No, anon. You are the one who is gorgeous.

GUMI - Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl (lol)

Song・Tuning・Motion: Giga (ギガ) (mylist/7894586) @GigaMozuku
Lyrics: Suzumu (スズム) (mylist/20737161) @suzumun
Video: Okiku (お菊) (mylist/25801793) @__Lizel
Translation: papercoleena


LUVORATORRRRRY! (English Cover)【rachie + JubyPhonic】 

Love and seizures. 

It’s a good Friday night.

GUMI - Like-Love Climaxitis

A happy Valentine’s Day to you all.

Song & Photo: koyori mylist/12125866 @koyokoyokoyori 
Design & Retouch: SHIN-ICHI SATAKE (http://shinichisatake.web.fc2.com/)
Translation: papercoleena

Streaming Heart (Translyrics)

I’ve never written translyrics before. I’m sorry. Gotta start somewhere, I guess.

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Kagamine Len feat. Girls - +♂ (Plus Boy)

Music/Vocal Edit: Giga (ギガ) (mylist/7894586) (@GigaMozuku)
Lyrics: Reol (れをる) (mylist/35385156) (@RRReol)
Illust: Miwashiiba (△○□×) (mylist/25806743) (@miwasiba)
Movie: Okiku (お菊) (mylist/25801793) (@__Lizel)
Translation: papercoleena

雪だるまつくろう (Do You Want to Build A Snowman)
神田沙也加, 稲葉菜月, 諸星すみれ

Ganbare, Joan!

Translation below.

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Shoddy Utopia Policy! A translation for a new Kagamine Rin song by Suzumu featuring art by Saine and guitar by Gibson!